I managed to get dressed myself this morning. This is a good day for Rosie and I'm quite enjoying having showers !  Steri strips off tomorrow - hope my  boob doesnt fall off ! Also just received the disk with the photos for the Calendar. So exciting and slightly emotional. But we are nearly there folks ... nearly there ! x
8/4/2012 11:18:32 pm

Still a wee bit to go. pace yourself xx

9/4/2012 03:09:32 am

Yes Scott still a bit to go! but hey ho everything going well for Rosie at the moment, she is happy and that's all that matters the rest will follow!

Rosie is on the road to recovery !! and a famous Mummy's Ball !!

9/4/2012 09:05:53 am

Hi you have been a very busy girl while I have been away. Well done you have worked so hard and I am so happy you have got the all clear, will pop in and see you tomorrow. xx


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