So then went on to the Pig Farm shoot.   Piggin (excuse the pun) hilarious !  Poor Scott gettin his kit off behind a bail of straw and us all giggling like waynes.  Poor Robin and Anna (Farm owner) must have regretted picking up the phone to me that day.   Anyway Scott did a remarkable job of "posing"!  Seemed quite natural actually which is quite a worry!  Then the cutest little piggie came out.  Aww!  Aww!   Aww!   It was just SO lovely.  Scott managed to handle it well .. then it all went wrong !! Pig started to squeal and Scott needed another hand and accidently moved the hand that was holding the cap that was covering his manhood! Eek!  The funny thing is Bob and I didnt see a thing - we were too busy with concern for the wee piglet lol   Only Dot captured the images - highest bidder gets them !! xxx

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