just incase this sounds odd, its Emma here! Me, dad and Kate came to visit mum yesterday. It broke my heart to see her in the contidion she was in- in pain and unhappy. I had to bite my lip not to cry and beg her to come home, but obviousley, thats not possible. I told my dad that i didnt want to come back until I knew I would be able to see a differance. I never wanted to experience that again. today I agreed to come back and im glad I did. If your reading my mums blogs you will want to know hows shes doing. one word- Amazing. yesterday and today seem like worlds apart. She is up, walking around and acctually holding a good conversation without falling asleep half way through. I miss her though<3
21/3/2012 06:50:19 am

Lovely words again Emma and dont worry mum will be home to you both before you know it.

Thinking of you all Love Bobx

21/3/2012 06:58:45 am

So glad you went back in to see her today Emma and saw the real Mum. It is very hard to see someone you love when they aren't well but she is already on the mend. You girls give her strength.

Dorothy xx

21/3/2012 06:59:59 am

Emma you are one fantastic blogger and so glad tonight was better. Love the pic of you three xxxx

21/3/2012 07:11:06 am

Emma you have a very sensible head on such young shoulders. I am sure your mum is looking forward to getting home and chilling with you and KP . just make sure your room is clean lol :-)

21/3/2012 07:11:35 am

Well done Emma! Keeping mum's blog going - you will be joining us for NI meetings next!
Well done for going back in to see mum today - I know you were nervous after her not being very well yesterday when you visited - you and Kate are very brave. Every 24 hours makes a difference and you will see her getting better and better from now on :-)
Please help me to keep the Naked Inspiration followers up to date with how mum is getting on by more of your wonderful blogs (after your homework of course!). xx

Aunty Irene & Uncle James (pancake man) lol
21/3/2012 07:11:36 am

You are so wonderful Emma and Kate mum misses you loads and your hugs and your laughter but guess what she will be home soon and you should pamper her til she screams no more lol I am very proud of you both and the way you are coping with this big ordeal! lots of love and hugs Girls..A Irene and U James xx

21/3/2012 07:19:16 am

Emma don't worry your mum will be home dancing round the house again before you know it..xxxx

21/3/2012 07:37:41 am

I'm so glad you went in to see your mum tonight, everyday you will notice a big difference, i think you and kate are being amazing i know your mum will be very proud of you both, she will be home before you know it telling you to get your homework done and your room tidy lol, i love our wee chat's we have been having in the morning emma, you just keep strong and keep smiling, love to you both and give your mum a big hug and kisses from me when you next see her. love to you and all your family. Donna xxxxxxxx


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