I feel I have to comment. My lovely daughter thought she would start "mummy's concert" after "mummy's ball".  I actually didnt realise she was trying to raise funds to send me on a lovely holiday (all her idea) until 24 hours later after posted on facebook. Bit embarassing HOWEVER I admire her determination and sheer tenacity to try and make a difference. I will NEVER criticise my children for trying to help however it took 48 hours for her to realise that it wasnt the right thing to do. We as a family raise money for charity! Nevertheless I am VERY VERY VERY PROUD of my Emma and Kate who have raised money every year from the age of 4 ! How many families can say that ? Totalled up we raised a good few £100k. Not bad huh ! x
irene maxwell
8/8/2012 09:19:22 am

I totally agree that big hearts move mountains and reading all about the children who cant do enough to help, brings home the importance of what children think about in an unselfish way, by wanting to do as much as they can to help those in need.


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