Also ... couldn't get a bra as its only been 10 weeks since my op. Six months I have to wait. So not only am I still in frumpy surgical bra's I'm thoroughly fed up. I want to phone a friend but don't want to be a burden so I will, as always, suffer in silence. Anyway I need to try and cheer up, got a birthday card and flowers to deliver. R
24/5/2012 06:14:37 am

Awe Rosie, What a rotten, rotten way to feel! You've been through such a lot and shown great courage, it's bound to hit you from time to time. If there's anything I can do.....H x

24/5/2012 08:26:12 am

Oh Rosie! I so wish I had been in when you came round. You can phone a friend and must not suffer in silence. There are going to be days like these.

BTW, the sunflowers are absolutely beautiful - don't think I've ever had sunflowers before. Thanks for the birthday cards, wishes and gifts. xxx

Love ya,


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