Then the toe blister came.  She drove me aboot, stripped, washed, cleaned, folded, hung up!  Busy wee beaver.   We even had time to sit in the back and have sweet tea !  You know in times like this you need support in every single way! I am very lucky to have that ... Im loved, Im happy, Im cared for, and my family come and clean and iron!   Does it really get any better than this ? x
29/3/2012 04:39:45 pm

Yes, Rosie it does get better LOL I'm watching you and I can see your very much on the mend more movement and physical things need to be left to the carer's LOL as your not quite there yet! but i have to say one thing KEEP the exercises going (tut tut) Toe Blister is watching XX Lots of Love


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