Me again.  I just thought I would pop back to say that after my last blog I heard thud thud thud thud !! Postman posted DVD's through my door from Amazon.  "I can't remember buying any DVD's" I thought.  Confused I opened them all up ofcourse not looking at the paperwork!  I was confused.  3 Amazing Movies and One Box Set! I scratched my head - definately for me! Then I saw the paperwork.   "A gift from Lynne Bannan"!  Totally stunned and surprised! What an amazing gift but do you know what one of the DVD's is?  Calendar Girls ! Ha!  Love it! Cant wait to watch it. Thank you Lynne. My butterflies are now gone replaced with excitment of watching the movie with my two cherubs tonight ! Love You Lynne and Gav.    Rosie xx

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