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Thank you for everything! You have been incredibly supportive and kind throughout and everyone who has gone through what I have gone through needs that!  I sometimes underestimate the support but I never take it for granted. From the lifting, carrying, ironing, rubbing of cream on my back (sorry too much info but who can reach their back lol), from the emotional support and the man hugs, There is just no way I would have coped without that ... thankyou.  Thank you for being you ! Love Rosie xx
24/6/2012 09:43:18 am

You didn't deserve to get that horrible disease Rosie . You fought it bravely with determination and also the love of amazing friends & family . What you achieved in beating the disease and raising money for Breast Cancer Care is nothing short of stunning. To be with you on your journey from start to finish, sharing your good times and bad will remain with me for the rest of my life. you are one amazing woman and I am so happy to be part of your life. SB XXX


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