So I gravitate to the PC. Just had a look at all the News Articles from me being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Its quite overwhelming. It's nights like this (on my own in house) I actually cant believe what I have come through. I have said it before I think I can be emotionally numb. What a year huh. Never mind 2013 is so close. The girls and I have achieved in 2012 but 2013 is going to be the ultimate happy happy year. I hope you agree I deserve it.   rosie x
2/12/2012 01:06:13 am

Yes! Rosie and Girls, you really do deserve a 2013 year and more. So proud of you all and how you have coped with the last year! I bet you don't think people are still tuning in..but they are. I'm one proud sister of an amazing sister! X


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