Woke up this morning and thought ..mmm who is going to make my lunch and dinner today ? LOL.  Is that wrong ?   Dont under estimate the fact that I cant lift the kettle yet ... BUT the dangerous part is in my head im 90% better.  I tried to mop the floor the other day there and regretted it so I wont attempt anything ever again. My right boob will probably drop off any minte eek
29/3/2012 05:28:25 pm

hey don't feel bad we're all keeping track of the favours you owe us all!! Lol of course I'm joking. Your friends and family and beyond just want to see you get better and whatever help you're getting is nothing compared to what you've achieved on your own. Patience mrs you'll be back to 100% before you know it. Lots of love xxxx


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