Ok I nearly forgot !   So when I was 21 I watched a programme on the TV. It was about Pig Farmers !  That night I went to bed and had a dream !  (switch off now if you are easily offended or if you like me just as i am) !!!!!    So ... that night I had a dream.   I lived on a farm.  My husband was a Pig Farmer. Every night he would come home with his white t shirt and denim dungarees on and he was stinking of pig and covered in mud.  I would open the farm door to see him clarty with straw hanging out his clothes and then direct him to the bathroom where a big bubble bath would be waiting.   He would be scrubbed accordingly and then ushered into the lounge with the coal fire and candles and we would enjoy cheese and wine together!   From dirty to delightful!   (Sorry Robin) ! Eek!   There you Go!  Its now out for the world to see. lol x 

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