What a fab fab day. Photo shoot after photo shoot and all the models were far too keen LOL. which is fab! I love everyone's spirit and enthusiasm...its so uplifting.  When you have cancer you need every lift you can get and these photo shoots certainly do it.   Everyone is SO up for it.  Its actually created such a Buzz and made people giggle and laugh and I am so happy that this opportunity came my way! Its funny. My car shoot today. There I was naked on the headrest of a clk convertible, freezing, but I felt proud. The Bridges in the background ... felt very patriotic! I love Edinburgh ... and glad to show it off to the world!  You know life has a funny way of dealing a hand.  Between you and me I think this is just what I needed.  To bring everyone together, to have a Mummy's Ball and to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, We aer all given roles in life and this is mine!
11/3/2012 09:34:00 pm

Doing those 3 shoots in that cold wind and on each occasion only in your birthday suit ......brrrrr well done to you and all the girls who took part.x


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