So just back from the most amazing photo shoot. Was great fun seeing the boys get their kit off.   Still amazes me at the amount of friends I have that want to strip off !!  All for a great cause and I appreciate every single one of them.  As I said on my personal Facebook page only yesterday, it's a life changing event and I will always remember the ones that stood out, came to the front, supported me by baking Lasagna or making soup, held my hand, gave me cuddles, sent me cards or lovely texts and been my invisble hands to hold me up when I am down! I hope everyone else in my position is as lucky as me to have the most wonderful support.  I'm now off for my tea. Steak and tatties followed by some red wine.   This is officially my last drinking evening as I need my body in tip top condition for the operation.  Remember.. whatever you do ... have fun with it !! x

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