So Naughty Boys shoot went well. Lots of giggling and the boys are getting used to being naked around poor Dorothy our NI Photographer!  So after this shoot Dot came straight to me for the Kit-aff shoot. I have had my kit off so much recently I wasnt phased at all about stripping off. Its like when you have kids isnt it.  There comes a time when you say "whatever" !   Anyway glad I did it.  I cant Wait to see the outcome. Simple black and white image and Im going to get it framed and put it in my bedroom as a reminder - Not of how I used to look but what I have overcome! That's the important part! Shift your way of thinking so that it works .. every cloud ?  However the big news is tonight I have been stressing slightly. The Tix for the Mummy's Ball arent even on general release yet and its sold out so looks like we are heading into the bigger room in the Corn Exchange! Eek! Which is FAB but I am still overwhelmed and this is where I come back to yet another of my little sayings lol.   I say to Emma and Kate all the time.... Its not what you know its Who you know.  Be kind and nice to everyone as you just never know who you will meet on the way back down!   This is MY way back down and thankfully I am blessed with the most amazing support. Im ready to get the kit off again tomorrow (yawn).  Will let you know how it goes! Night everyone. Keep well. x

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