SO Saturday night when Lynne and I are normally drinking the Cocktail bar dry we were sipping blackcurrant&apple and she was popping my Tramadol out it's foil !  Now that's what I call a good friend.  She put me to bed at 12.30am and knocked on my door at the back of 7 to give me my Medication! I certainly underestimated the mobility issues and "getting comfy" issues from this Op.  I've got to sleep upright for my  boobs to get a good bloody supply!! Odd! lol.   The things they don't tell you! x
25/3/2012 06:47:29 am

It's awful to see you in so much discomfort. Although I know it's very frustrating for you don't underestimate how far you've already come in such a short period of time. You're an amazing lady and I'm proud to be your friend. Next time though share the tramadol eh! Lol xxxx


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