Morning everyone. Can you tell I am happy! I dont have that shadow hanging over me now. I had the most amazing sleep. I have not slept since mid January (with worry). Now I can get back to sleeping...Still pinch myself. Only yesterday I was pinching myself about having breast Im pinching myself that I dont have it ! Yay x
4/4/2012 05:05:50 pm

I feel throughout all of what has happened to you Rosie,,invasive cancer, a major operation and the loss of your breast, pain and mobility , you have played it with an attitude only a driven inspirational woman could do. yes,, this is a journey lots of women will take and thousands of women realise the importance of what you are doing in supporting Cancer Care with Nakedinspirational so i know all women will be right behind you and raise as much as we can. The staff at the Western General Hospital were there for you as they are, for emotional support and care and this is so important to all who have to undergo this type if dreaded illness so to be inspired to bring attention in this way and raise funds with your Calanders and Charity Ball will be a success and is truely inspirational from a determined spirit. I am the happiest mother today for your personal journey to be a blessing to me and your two sisters when told the marvelous Doctors caught your invasive cancer in time and was a great success. I know also all those heavely angel who have been there with you throughout your journey have held you up when you were falling,, i mean all your strong friends,, there is no doubt about that. How blessed you have been and now all you have to do is recover, be happy, enjoy life and your two cherubs Emma and Kate.
all my love mum x

Irene maxwell
14/1/2013 03:50:00 pm

All my dreaded thoughts as a mother having been told of her daughters cancer was dread of heart to all myself and her two sisters. I believe inspiration becoming a driving force to succeed what ever one wants to do in life and i am so proud my daughter Rosie turned all her life force energy into positive attention to help others and for the grace of God she was one of the lucky ones who came out of the unknown. many thanks


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