Gosh Ive just thought.  Last Monday I was heading to Western to get Op. Tomorrow I am heading for an 11am appointment (which is when they put to me sleep last week) to get some stitches out.  Weird thought!  Im going to be brave though and I shall report back.  Might pop into Maggies again too. Have grown quite used to just wandering in. You should come with me next time, you would love it too. Everyone is your friend and you get sweet tea and biscuits! x
25/3/2012 04:49:42 pm

hey hope all goes well today. I know you're nervous about getting your stitches out but compared to last week this is a doddle. Speak soon xxx

25/3/2012 05:33:21 pm

Stitches out? Should be a doddle for you after last Monday. Would love to come with you some time if you need the company and to see Maggie's (the sweet tea I can do without!) xx

26/3/2012 12:38:02 am

Dorothy, I would like that. Maggies is only open Monday to Friday 9-5 so let me know if you have a day free and we can toddle on down and meet everyone and sit in the garden! Rosie x


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