Went to Western today for pre op.  Did all the questions.. Any heart attacks No.  Any diabetes No!  Any Chest Infection No! Do You Drink . ah  Yes!   Took blood (near fainting experience as usual) Anyway upshot is everything was fine and dandy. Saw the ward. Saw my Dinner B&B for the next 10 days come Monday. Saw the Operating Theatre eek but I am slowly relaxing into it. Maybe the more I am around the hospital the easier it is. The staff are wonderful and even the wee trip to Maggies was amazing ! I can see me wheeling drains and drips over there Wednesday just to get internet access ha ha ! Anyway the Amazing Andrew from Maggies has invited Emma and Kate along to a fun session there. Guess when .. Yes 12th May!  What's the chances of that! So I think they should go. Its fun, upbeat and it will get them used to the place as my journey MAY be a long one. So all together a happy day with very little nerves. Finishes off by productive business meeting and wine. Finally, I have heard that hospital food is pretty poor. How will I survive ?  If you visit will you bring me M&S salads (pasta with spinach n pine nuts n pesto is my favourite), some chicken, fruit and pellegrino!  Sorted!  Thank you.
Joyce Scrimger
13/3/2012 02:38:52 am

Rosie whatever you fancy I'm happy to cook and am sure we can find a way of getting it down there hot somehow! Just text me if something daft comes into your head. Buns of course are my speciality! Glad you are feeling upbeat.


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