Had a lovely relaxing evening last night but tossed and turned sleepwise as I was afraid to miss my big moment on the slopes!  It didn't take me long to get dressed this morning.  Pink shorts - that was it!  The skis covered the rest lol.  Arrived at Hillend to, I have to say, glorious sunshine, however the wind howled and when you have ski boots on and are trying to balance it can be a bit tricky!!  McQ Photography did their fastest shoot ever and on reviewing the pics you can actually see I am cold. But it's for a fab cause and I am proud to be part of the Calendar.  I was thinking when I woke up this morning . . . tomorrow is the last Monday ever I will have my own natural boobs!  Funny the things you think about. So I am not going to be sad about it - I am going to just turn the page next Monday ... and start the rest of my life with new boobs!!

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