i love you up to the sky and back i love you 1 more than you can ever say, padlock for life(i am the champion i have beat you like 100 times now)I am going to make you cakes on wednesday plus i am going to miss dancing just so i can make cakes from Kate!!!!!
18/3/2012 05:58:54 pm

Kate, your very good at blogging. what a lovely message for your mum and am sure she will scoff all your cakes :-)

18/3/2012 07:02:56 pm

Well done Kate - so nice to see a blog from you! I'm sure mummy will love your cakes. I'm sure daddy will let you try a few, just to make sure they're 100% tasty! xx

18/3/2012 11:35:25 pm

Oh yummy - I know you're Mum will be looking forward to Wednesday very much to see you and Emma and to taste your lovely cakes. Sending you both hugs xxxxxx

Aunty Irene
18/3/2012 11:55:37 pm

Cakes !! who mentioned cakes !

That's really nice of you Kate mummy will looking forward to Wednesday!

Lots of love and hugs xx

20/3/2012 01:00:11 am

katie poops I look forward to scoffing your cakes because I know how good they taste . remember mummy loves lots of icing. missing you. lots of love . mummy xoxoxoxo


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