I feel a tissue day!  All started when I read Dot's bit for the Calendar. She said some lovely things. But before that I was lying in bed thinking about my Gran and Grandad and all the people I miss in my life. I wonder if that's part of this journey too. The fact we are mere mortals!  Its a definate missing day! Hugs and tissues are required. God I need to toughen up !!!!!!!!!!!!! x
10/4/2012 05:55:55 pm

Dear Sister, none of this would be happening without your determination and pure guts lol!
Yes a lot of people have got involved and have lots of nice words to say am sure there not finished yet! So order your supply of hankies now lol. As for Gran and Grandad they are with you in spirit X

10/4/2012 06:11:45 pm

Awwww your Wes gran. I remember we had a long chat about her the night we were eyeing up the pianist in the living room! Lol. She sounds like a lovely lady and all your family and friends past and present are soooooo proud of you. Lots of love and hugs xxxxxxxx

10/4/2012 07:15:28 pm

Put the tissues away and enjoy the day, they never leave us we always have memories, thoughts and the things they taught us insure we always have them near by and can always look back to the times we shared with them in the times of need.

Anyway save the tissues for my video, love B xx

Helen Briton
10/4/2012 10:39:26 pm

You don't need to toughen up. Allow the tears and emotion for 5 mins (or longer if you like) then tell them to get lost for 5mins! Repeat this til the tears and emotions are exhausted! That way they are dealt with for now, not pushed away to come back some other time to bite your bum! My other job is as a Gestalt Psychotherapist so I know the above is tried and tested! x


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