Was a definate flat day today. I just felt so low probably because I am so tired and fed up that I cant get comfortable. My last drain is currently leaking a large glass of wine per day !!! and showing no signs of letting up at all.   So im stressing about that!  Didnt get Any visitors this afternoon and hadnt heard from Emma! Just one of these days where I felt everthing was stacked against me.  It was a lovely day we
22/3/2012 09:08:35 am

We can allow you a bad day today, however, we want to hear more about the hot doctors tomorrow ;-).lol. chin up charlie, u are doing great. xxxxx...now back to the hot doctors.......

22/3/2012 10:51:12 pm

Today a more positive day i hope, your getting home to be with the girls. Now your home to rest lady!! Thats a must towards your recovery. Chin up today Rosie xx Lots of Love Irene and James x


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