If I had any advice to anyone it would be never go to a hospital appointment with your fingers in your ears as I did.  I should have been more prepared. I cant even lift the kettle, reach the weetabix or jaffa cakes, make a bed, put a washing on.   Time is a healer I know but I really didn't expect this immobility. This time next week I will be better again and recovery takes time. It was major surgery after all.  Now ... where is my black book!  Who can I pick on for tonight's sleepover!
25/3/2012 02:45:41 am

As i said yesterday Rosie, small steps each day will be better, each day one step forward to recovery! If i had a magic wand lol !! but i dont always remember we are here for you and love you!

Small Steps Lady!!!!

Lots of Love Irene & James X

Kerry Smith
25/3/2012 06:15:30 am

Hi Rosie, I'm off work this week. Still painting the hoose! Will be free towards Thursday if you need dodgy day care. I've got the white coat, so can look the part! Could possibly get my hands on a wheelchair if you fancy a wee birl and an ice-cream somewhere! Xx

26/3/2012 12:40:38 am

Kerry thats so kind of you but I'm not really going over the door. It's too much for my wee body !! But thank you SO much for the offer. Your card arrived - its amazing! We need to talk! NI Get Well / Thinking of You /Recover Quickly Cards! Get your thinking caps on and we shall catch up soon. If you wanna pop by for juice / tea / Thursday then feel free. Would be fab to see you Love Rosie x

25/3/2012 06:43:18 am

darn those Jaffa cakes meant to bring them down before I left. Although there was plenty of goodies on the worktop which hopefully kept you going! Sweet dreams honey-pie xx


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