Meant to say after that Surgeon was finished with me I felt about 8 years old and if I had just had a rollocking from my Mother! Felt SO small.  She would Not Let It Go!  And she made me look her in the eye so she knew I was listening!   Was very humiliating but very necessary. I promise you I am NOT stubborn ... I'm not ! Just independent x
Kerry Smith
19/4/2012 06:17:27 am

Hi Rosie, sorry to hear about your set back. I'm a bit like you and don't know my bottoms actually for sitting on! You'll have to follow Doc's orders and try to be good. Fighting fit for the ball. Relax and delegate. X

19/4/2012 07:33:48 am

Behave!!! Or else!

19/4/2012 08:22:18 am

Rosie you need to let other people help you to do so many every day things, its only for a short while but you must remember all you have been through you must let your body rest. Take it easy x


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