Tomorrow is my pre op. 11am. Apart from the very first visit to the Western General I have always taken a friend for support.  Tomorrow I have decided to go myself.  The reason I am doing this is because I want to be able to gather some strength. I'm going to ask to see the Ward, wander around, get used to the smells, the noises and ask my massive list of questions.  I feel if I take someone I will do what I normally do. Not listen and rely on them. So...tomorrow I'm going to be a "big girl" and go it alone.  Then I thought I would wander across to Maggies for a cup of tea.  I have heard so many inspirational and amazing things about the people there so I am looking forward to meeting some of them.  Who knows I could gather more friends along the way.  Ive also started to make a list of the things I need for hospital: Laptop, Phone, Chargers, Ipod, Jammies, Toothbrush and Perfume! Hopefully my beautiful little cherubs will buy me slippers for Mother's Day. Then I can wander around Hotel Western happy listening to music with warm feet and smelling fab!
12/3/2012 05:06:42 pm

Your one brave lady Rosie! Thinking of you as always.....keep your spirits high and your strength will come from within. Remember the photo shoots, all the nice words, cards, text and fb messages and laughs along the way that should help you today! xx


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