Had my first shower today. It took for ever. By the time I had dried myself and my hair I was exhausted but went straight to Maggies.  Managed one very quick cup of tea and had to come straight back. Felt quite ill actually and wobbly on my feet. I definately did too much and I'm still paying for it.  In so much pain.  Just shows you. I may look ok but underneath the strength just isnt there yet.  I'm not off back to bed quite thankful I didnt get any visitors this afternoon.  Not a good afternoon for Rosie.
22/3/2012 02:34:41 am

hey chin up, 1 day at a time Rosie . walk before running springs to mind xx

22/3/2012 06:41:02 am

As Scott says one day at a time and you'll be back. Take it easy Xx


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