All day I have been thinking ... "this time next week". I have had butterflies since I woke up and no matter how much I pace or keep busy they will not go away. That's me on the final lap now. As I cuddled into my wee Kate this morning panic set in. We were lovely and close squeezing each other tight.  How long will it be before I can do this again? Cuddle my children properly like Mother's should.  Anyway I'm dreading next Monday morning saying cheerio to the kids!  How can I do it with dignity and courage when I am going to miss them SO much.  BUT I have to just take each day as it comes.  Had a productive day today trying to clear up things at work and have started making list of things to take into hospital. One thing I did think of is I dont possess a "hoodie"!  I'll need to buy a fleece or something with a zip as I think I'll struggle to get a jumper on for the first few days?  Are hospitals hot ? Will the food be nice ? I actually phoned my Breast Care Nurse today to ask "What day will I be able to dry my hair with a hairdryer?".  What a silly question I know but that's the kinda stuff that's running through my head. Practical stuff. If that's my coping mechanism then so be it. x

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