So busy wee day today. But what I havent told you is that inbetween all the hospital waiting rooms I managed to sort out some stuff for Mummy's Ball.  Its going to be an Amazing Night! I cant wait.   Nearly all the tables are sold and they are not even on sale yet !! lol.   Managed to secure some wonderful auction prizes so should be a wee penny earning night but a fun night. Some wee twists in there too. Oh and did you see the article in tonight's Evening News.  I was in the Western General when I saw it so showed it to my Breast Cancer Nurse.  I have to keep in with her cos she is the one bringing me champagne on Monday night! So a dead successful day all round. Busy day tomorrow with more meetings and a very naughty school boy photo shoot! I really wish I could do this every day of my life. I love giving. Makes you feel good and also seeing other people happy ... it's that warm and fluffy feeling... girl talk!  Night everyone.  Swee

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