So remember I said the Bodycast was today.  Well the lovely Lee arrived and put me at ease not that I was worried as I'm used to getting my kit off lol !   After we had sweet tea and chatted it was "time"!  So stripped off and got plastered !!  It was an amazing feeling.  I felt like I was turning into a Robot ... with my hard exterior shell I could Conquer the World !!! Mwa ha ha !  Anyway ... back to reality.  It took about 20 mins and you can feel it get hard around your body then it was peeled off removing every little hair on my body that I had forgotten to cover in baby oil !!   You know what I decided to do this in panic mode. But the end result was Amazing! I loved it ! It was a piece of art.  I have chosen to have it coloured bronze and cant wait to hang it in my bedroom!  I think every female should get this done.  It's very liberating, boosts your confidence and is a beautiful keepsaske.  So glad I panicked ! Thanks Lee.  x

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