Back to school tomorrow. No driving for me so its going to be interestin walking back and forth to school.  Im not lazy but Im afraid of the Cold weather !  I get cold dead easily and then turn blue. Layers .. that's what my gran used to say!  Layers!  Hope its sunny tomorrow. Roll on the driving ... two weeks yay! x
16/4/2012 08:09:18 am

Rosie!!!! Gran said layers! Granddad said hats and scarfs cant you remember! lol

You'll catch your death lady!!! per Granddad!! love him, miss him and granny loads always think about them. Will never ever forget perfect Grand parents lol Juicy toast lol! and perfect Spag ball Granny i still cant make your apple pies lol like you used to so fluffy, think James is now perfect on the pancakes tho ...Sorry gran lol but thats why i love him reminds me of you.....what else can i say\!!!


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