Well, it wasn't a good day at all yesterday. It was a tissue day. I think everything has just suddenly hit me. Maybe I didn't give myself enough time to come to terms with everything but boy did I come crashing down.  I cried non-stop but I'm sure people in my situation have days like that - afterall I am only human!  I am on a cancer conveyor belt where I have no choices but I must have this operation to remove the cancer.  BUT that was yesterday - today I am up, washed, dressed, spray of glitter (which I do every day now) and getting ready to be tranformed into a fairy for the photo shoot.  My girls, Emma 12 and Kate 9, have been amazing. They are loving the fact that the house is full of pink props.  So a happy and fun day ahead.  x
Lauren Robertson
9/3/2012 06:05:48 pm

Brilliantly honest first blog.keep up the great work and head high!

9/3/2012 06:21:13 pm

Both heart-breaking, yet so heart-warming at the same time..may the glitter always shine thru the same way as your personality does..the tiara fits you perfectly princess rosie..xx


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