Yes I think its finally  happened. I have finally accepted my Breast Cancer, the Operation and the fact I am only at the very start of my journey.  Do you know how I know ?  Because I slept right through last night !! Well .apart from one wee thing but that doesnt count.  I woke up at 3.30am to find my wee Kate (who slept with me last night) sitting up in bed with what looked like very red eyes.  All I said to her was "Everything is going to be okay Kate" I gently wrapped my arms around her and we snuggled in for what I think was the best cuddle I have ever had.  It's a tense time for all of us so my strength has to kick in and be strong for the girls.  I'm still amazed at me sleeping right through though. Normally I wake up every single hour with worry.  My alarm had to wake me this morning and even then I was not for shifting!!  All the amazing text and Facebook messages I receive, the support and kindness from friends, the patience of my Breast Care Nurse and the fact that I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to make a difference has helped me finally accepted I have Breast Cancer. Dont ever underestimate the power of kind words and support. Its those invisble hands that will continue to hold me up throughout my journey.

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