So I gravitate to the PC. Just had a look at all the News Articles from me being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Its quite overwhelming. It's nights like this (on my own in house) I actually cant believe what I have come through. I have said it before I think I can be emotionally numb. What a year huh. Never mind 2013 is so close. The girls and I have achieved in 2012 but 2013 is going to be the ultimate happy happy year. I hope you agree I deserve it.   rosie x
So had my last tattooing done. Its a wee bit dark but I am sure it will fade (fingers crossed). I am getting quite nervous as the next appointment is next March for my mammogram on the boob thats left and to meet my surgeon for the final "well done and goodbye until next year".   I think once I get the all clear from the other boob I will be able to relax. x
Just one thing whilst I am on. SO I am healing well and still lots I cant do BUT the most frustrating thing is sometimes I get a deep intense itch inside my reconstructed breast! My boob is numb yet its itchy! How does that work. It must be deep inside. Have you ever had an itch and cant get to it - well its torture! Running about as if I have ants in my pants ... or maybe they are in my boob! ha ha!   Thats all. Off to check on girls. Its their bed time. Night ever
Ok folks its been a while but i thought i would just check in. Emma's book "Eek" has grown arms and legs and kept u, but the biggest thing was the abcess on her breast! My god what a mother's nightmare. Ofcourse I remained calm on the exterior but inside I was absolutely devastated that my baby was going through this. However...Emma is a strong wee character in times like this and she got through it with dignity and courage. No more please - not this year anyway. Thanks :)  x