My Emma (12) really strugled with the lack of information when I was going through my cancer and operation so she has decided to write her own version of events. "Eek My Mummy has Breast Cancer" will be a very famous little book. Check out Emma's facebook page and she was even in the local Edinburgh Evening News.  I couldnt be more proud ... what a year indeed!  x
Well guess what happened to me! I had pain in my reconstructed boob so I put a heat pad directly on to the skin (obviously I didnt read the instructions properly) and now I have a blister the size of a golf ball!  These pads must really heat up but because I am still NUMB I couldnt feel it.  Only when I took it off at the end of the day I saw! Holy Moly!  Not going to burst it! Anyway just as well it wasnt the implant side - might have melted it! lol!  x
I met with Caroline of Ascent NLP today again who donated her time to help me get rid of those old emotions that were affecting my life. You have no idea that the Timeline and Tapping actually works. I could feel a sense of calm come over me instantly. I want to tell the world. I am more calm, more rational and happier. I truly believe that my next chapter is the best yet. Thank you Caroline for everything. I
Morning! Well the dressing came off last night and this morning was the first time I looked.  Its a bit dark but have been told it will fade. It looks weird to look normal - does that make sense? I look kinda normal !!  That's all! Still trying to come to terms with that !! EEk xx
I have the most beautiful caring children who write notes and want to do things for me which is wonderful. They are so loving and giving, caring and wonderful. They write me notes, give lots of cuddles and generally love life. Also... Scott - thank you.  You have made me the happiest person ever. THATS what will keep my cancer at bay. Ive been told by a specialist that Laughter, fun, happiness and no stress is key. I have the perfect combination,. Life is good. Thank you x
I feel I have to comment. My lovely daughter thought she would start "mummy's concert" after "mummy's ball".  I actually didnt realise she was trying to raise funds to send me on a lovely holiday (all her idea) until 24 hours later after posted on facebook. Bit embarassing HOWEVER I admire her determination and sheer tenacity to try and make a difference. I will NEVER criticise my children for trying to help however it took 48 hours for her to realise that it wasnt the right thing to do. We as a family raise money for charity! Nevertheless I am VERY VERY VERY PROUD of my Emma and Kate who have raised money every year from the age of 4 ! How many families can say that ? Totalled up we raised a good few £100k. Not bad huh ! x
Just as well I am strong. I have heard that a small group of insignificant folk (3) are saying "I made my Breast Cancer up (initially ofcourse) to get attention"  and then there was the person that said karma had been served and I deserved to get breast cancer and then the shocker was someone who was close to me said that when they found out I had cancer they hoped it was terminal !  Who needs enemies !! But finally the NI page is my "fame page" !! I dont do this for fame trust me. I do this to help others, raise £30,000 for Breast Cancer Care and I suppose a bit of therapy for me! Is that so wrong ? x
PS was strange walking back into the Breast Unit of the Western. I got quite emotional when I arrived at the door. All the memories good and bad came flooding back. 20 weeks yesterday I had my operation and look at me now. Not quite doing cartwheels and handstands but happy and well, healthy and fit. That's all ... Im off to enjoy the sunshine now :) xx
Lady at Western was very nice. Once we "matched up" the colour like you do at B&Q (lol) she painted the dye on and then zapped me with the tattooing machine. Because I'm a big baby I opted for the magic cream beforehand so didnt feel a thing. What I did feel though was the vibration on the machine through to my chest wall - all very odd!  Anyway my chief hand holder Scott then took me for a glass of wine to help calm the nerves