Tissues were required earlier. Dot our NI photographer turned up at the door. Not only with an amazing photo of my two girls which was taken when I was in hospital, but a little fairy doll (me) (bespoke too). Its so thoughtful ....and a little stainless steel heart with "Health" written on it.  I will put that in my make up bag so it goes every where with me. Noone has ever bought me anything like that again and I;m glad it was Dot! One very special lady!  Happy days xx
Yes it has been a while. Ive been too busy winning things LOL! Anyway a quick update...still doing physio and coming to terms with my new body but this morning I got my tattoo appointment through at the Western. Not a normal tattoo remember - the areola. My reconstructed one is skin coloured. This will be intersting. 6th August I go so I will let you know how it feels. Never had a tattoo before. Do you think they would chuck a wee butterfly on my back at the same time LOL ! Kidding!!
All a bit overwhelming. Ive only gone and won Scotland's most inspirational woman in Scotland 2012. I was nominated by my good friend Linda Hiddleston but I have to say I would not have won this without the amazing help and support of everyone behind me.  There is no way you can achieve something like that on your own so thank you to scott, susie, bob, dot, my mum, emma and kate, andrew (not the fluffy one lol), keith duncan, grant stott and everyone .... thank you xxxxx