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Thank you for everything! You have been incredibly supportive and kind throughout and everyone who has gone through what I have gone through needs that!  I sometimes underestimate the support but I never take it for granted. From the lifting, carrying, ironing, rubbing of cream on my back (sorry too much info but who can reach their back lol), from the emotional support and the man hugs, There is just no way I would have coped without that ... thankyou.  Thank you for being you ! Love Rosie xx
On 1st January I said to myself 2012 will be MY year. Sadly I had seperated from husband and had all of that to deal with. Got Breast Cancer and was bitter with life as it was a horrid start to 2012. Emma didnt cope too well with my news neither did Kate. BUT I have met the most wonderful person, who also supported me through my journey, my kids' confidence is now back to full throttle, I am best friends with my "husband", life is great, I no longer have breast cancer, I produced two calendars with Susie Woosie, we also did a Ball. So 2012 IS my year afterall. Life is good last x
Went swimming today. It was Perth so it was a fun pool but I was scared that I would be kicked or knocked.  I usually pick my kids up / throw them about / cuddle them lots but my scar was a little nippy...not sure why.  I was very guarded but atleast I went in the Pool.  I will have more confidence next time I am sure. Didnt attempt the flume tho - I was scared my boob would explode on impact LOL !  x
Went to the Western for Physio on Friday and got taped up again with that special tape. Trying to reduce the final amount of swelling and take the back pain away. Fingers crossed but apart from that everything great. Life is good, kids are great and that's all that matters.   Very VERY proud of my two who did the Race for Life yesterday. Wee bit emotional tears from youngest but we got there. Great thing to raise money for charity - everyone should do it. x
Ive been having night sweats due to the Tamoxifen so I have to take it on Mon Wed Friday only. That might combat the floods every night LOL. Will give it a go. Not working so far - still a sweaty betty lol but I suppose it will take time.  Ive really enjoyed these past few days relaxing just coming to terms with my great news :) x
Wee pizza express with the girls to celebrate my discharge from WGH. Their chat was so funny and they are a delight to dine with. My girls have been incredible throughout this journey and I take my hat off to them. Dont know if I could have coped with that at 9 or 12 years old. Today is the start of the rest of my life and I aint mucking it up. Only the best for Rosie from now on .. wear your best gear and use your best dishes :)  xx
Went to Western General this morning and after three folk had a good feel of my new boobs I was discharged! Yes. I am normal. Mike Dixon (surgeon) is an absolute gentleman and amazing man and it was a pleasure to have him do my surgery. I got quite emotional on leaving. Life without the Western ? Cant believe it. SO a WRVS coffee sorted me out and I was good to go. Life is good x