Ive always been a believer of "its the little things in life". You dont need fancy this and that but you need someone to "think" and "care". Well I got my first pair of slippers EVER in my life! Can you believe that. I love them. I have asked Santa for years and it fell on deaf ears. I now wake up every morning and these little pink love heart things from Asda make me feel special because of the thought behind them. Happy Days x
Just realised that my diary is now filling up which is Fab! I had stopped planning for 3 months and now I am back in the social loop! It's SO good to be able to plan ahead. Even looking at nice wee holiday for next year too. Dont ever take it for granted as life can turn on a sixpence.  Happy planning folks x
I think I am slowly adjusting to the fact I need more help lifting, carrying etc. I couldnt even put the outdoor chairs away in the shed cos they are too heavy for me now. Cant bring the box of beer in from the car - that kind of thing. Slowly slowly wins the race and I am slowly accepting and feel ok about it. Help Will be required for good now. x
Oh did you see that he ran the Edinburgh Marathon yesterday. Very proud of Mike Dixon who tirelessly raises money for Breast Cancer research. What a guy huh. I wish I could run but maybe I shall just stick to doing Ball's. LOL.   ps. Got wee top on today. You would never know I had surgery only 11 weeks ago - yay. x
Ah what a nice relaxing peaceful weekend. I have definately slowed down but still find it frustrating that I cannot lift, sweep etc but I still try! It has been nice to "potter" in the garden. Missing my special Japanese tape though - might ask for some more. Defo made a difference! I wonder if masking tape would work lol x




Its a new day and its Friday. Nice weekend ahead albeit quiet but that's what I need. A wee quiet weekend with my gorgeous girls. My "bad" day is over and not to be repeated. There are people worse off than me so I shouldnt complain!  Happy weekend everyone  rosie x 
Anyone that knows me knows I DONT do self pity but tonight I think I was shocked, scared and sad and because I am tired I am emotional. BUT my "circle of trust" came good and the few people I needed were there for me. 10 weeks. That's all it is since the op. Early days. Lots of support needed still I think and lots of accepting from me! x
Also ... couldn't get a bra as its only been 10 weeks since my op. Six months I have to wait. So not only am I still in frumpy surgical bra's I'm thoroughly fed up. I want to phone a friend but don't want to be a burden so I will, as always, suffer in silence. Anyway I need to try and cheer up, got a birthday card and flowers to deliver. R
Well it was very good but I think the moment has come where it has just hit me...like a bus! I was the youngest in a room of cancer victims and one in particular had just been diagnosed with secondary lung cancer. That could be me. I cried walking along Princes St, in the Car and will probably cry lots tonight. Its definitely just hit me. Thank god its the weekend where I can shut my door and just cry! x
That special tape the physio put on is a miracle worker. Last week I had two boobs two different sizes. Today they are nearly the same size. The tape has taken the swelling away .. everyone looks at my swirly bits but I dont care - look at the benefits!! Yay! Makes my bra fitting a lot easier... and cheaper. Cheers to the clever Japanese people x