Today is the first day I feel semi normal. I have been dressing myself, got into car ok tonight, my arm is a little higher. Its all coming together. No more negative. Its hard going you know. BUT I remain positive. A friend has a mum going through her journey just now and I SO wish I had a magic wand! So awful ! Sending strength to everyone that needs it. Love Rosie xxxx
O and just a quick report that the Bio oil is super dooper! Really makes such a difference. Not visually not yet - too early. But my scar feels not as tight and I can move more freely.  Mind you was visited by lovely Anna & Pheobe of Wellington Farms and poor Pheobe got broken foot! Now that IS an inconvenience.  Such a brave wee girl ! x
You know having cancer really Does change your attitude ! Tonight I did something NEW ! Went to Easter Road to watch U17s Hearts v Hibs! Penalties aswell LOL !  Well done guys! Great game.  Gosh wish Id done it years ago! A wee sparkle erupted - think I might be a closet footy fan. Now which team ? Hmmmmm lol xxx
I discovered Bio Oil! How fab! It took ALL my superglue off and my left boob now looks kind of normal !  The right one is still swollen and the back scar is healing well too!  Bio Oil rules! Hadnt any cause to use it before but its my new friend for the next 3 months !!  x
Well what a great weekend away where I discovered that if I actually stop running around at 100 miles an hour I relax! The operation has certainly slowed me down for sure and the not driving means I am in the house more! It was lovely to get away though. One of the best weekends in ages ! Hope yours was too! x




Well guess what ? Go on guess ?  I slept lots on my side last night - it was FAB! I actually feel as if there is some progress. Anyway lovely day today and feeling good! Kids great, life great,. weather great and my boobs are healing well!  So lovely people have a super super weekend. I will not return until Monday when I shall tell you what I have been doing! xx
So it had the desired effect! It caused a reaction! Quite right. These folk should be ashamed sitting gossiping from afar when they know nothing!  Hang your head in shame for snooping !!!  If you actually have the cheek to view this website again I will have you blocked ! You only need to look on to see what people think of you !  End!
It has come to my attention that some horrible people are reading this blog and using what I write to gossip and cause distress to others. You know who you are and are very sad. I suggest you press CLOSE now and get on with your sad little life ! Stop snooping in on mine! I am trying to do good and should never ever be judged on that! End!
Tell you what I am having a great time planning lots of social events and days away now that I can !  Funny what you take for granted isnt it. Got loads in the diary last night and now going to start on wee curry nights at the house. Got lots of special meals to make as thank you's. One lady in particular - Celine Clarke. Will never be able to thank her enough!