You know this is only one of 3 Tuesdays, this year, that I have not attended the Western General for an appointment. I made a decision to have a nice Tuesday and I did!  It was lovely, Wee bit lunch... wee walk .. wee drink at the Stable Bar. Sorted. The sun shone and it seemed as if it was meant to be! I really enjoyed my 3rd Tuesday off.  I didnt facebook, I hardly text - I had a proper day off !  Next Tuesday? Western for the results of my biopsies but its ok!  I'm prepared !
27/3/2012 08:09:10 am

This post made me happy. Glad you had a good day. A lovely day for a lovely person. As for next Tuesday no matter what happens you will get through it. Just look how far you've come already. Sweet dreams gorgeous. Lots of love xxxxx


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