Gee whizz. I am powering on today. I think panic has set in that I only have a few more working days left. I have cranked the speed up a little to try and get everything done.  Its like when you go on holiday - you nest dont you! You hoover and get the laundry up to date!  Psycologically its nice to leave everything in pristine condition.  Not fussed what state I come back to but its just nice to "nest" lol.   So achieved heaps both work and personally. Got rid of piles that have been around for a while, put a massive dent in the Naked Inspiration Calendar emails and generally just had a great day so far.  So as well as the naughty boys photo shoots I too am having my "naked" photos taken tonight.  I will report back and let you know how it goes.  Quite excited now.  I even contemplated getting one of those plaster casts done ha ha!  How funny.  Yes "come into my home ... here's a real life size model of my naked body in the corner of my lounge!".  Tempted!  

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